Thursday, April 5, 2012



I can't sleep
Its been days now
Maybe weeks
Maybe more
My sleeping patterns
have been
I lay in all angles of the bed
To find only more restlessness
Tossing and
turning me
-I wish to exhaustion-
But no
Still awake
Still eyes wide open
And I lay
On my back
On my stomach
On my side
And the other side
Blankets wrapped around me,
Pillows over my head,
Between my legs,
At my feet,
I pray for sleep
Staring up at the ceiling
out the light of my window
and the shapes of shadows
All around me
Those are my books
And that is the radiator
And the closet and
My yoga mat...
I need to work out
When I wake up tomorrow
I'll do it.
Lights off
Lights on
Nothing good
Read a book
What time is it?
In Cali someone might still be
I'll call
No answer
Deep sigh
Leave a message
I can't sleep
Call me if you get this."
Have some
Maybe tea
to ease me to sleep
Lay down
Sit up
Lay down
Sit up
The quiet
The silence
Lay down
sink back down
Next to the

empty space
beside me

In tears

I know

I am alone...

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Jimmi Jaq said...

I really like this, nicely done. Think I've been there too.