Saturday, April 28, 2012


I am not a starving artist
Because my art feeds me
And sustains life in me
But also because
I make sure I know my work's worth
And I've learn to let the world know it too
Because when I sell my art
I sell pieces of my heart
To keep other hearts beating
And so there's just no cheating, it.

My imagination's imaginings
Open your eyes and mind,
And have you seeing
My truths truest form coming
From my fingertips
Keep sighs and awe breathing
Through your lips
I'm a creator whose creations
create movements
My art is action
It is active in its community
In creating I create unity

My art acts on all the injustices
My art fights justice it,
Acts on, against, for what it sees
Are these realities our realities
Or is it what THEY want us to believe
My Art exposes the bad guys
It makes you wise
To patriarchal, capitalistic
Imperialist lies
My art wears no masks
No facades
My art knows what its cause is
And causes you to think
And to feel
Makes you want to do
My art is love and truth

I know what value my art has,
Make no mistake.
And because of this, as I give
I know I have to take
My earnings, and
I won't sell-out just to make my
Ends meet
Keep my self on my feet
Keep me off of the streets
Keep food on the table to eat


Because I  choose to let you know
You have to pay for each piece
Because my art keeps life looking beautiful
Doctors save lives, are life giving
But artists make life worth living
So drop the idea to be an artist
You have to starve
That the life of a creator has to be hard
We live for the struggle,
But have to break that struggle
You don't have to always struggle
To live your artistry
Take it from me
I'll take the lead

You have to start
By letting the world know
That art,
Your art
Is valuable

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