Sunday, April 22, 2012


*Freedom Poem

"Expectation is a prison. Let go and you will be free."- Unknown


Expectations got me cuffed
And I thought I'd have enough
By now
But instead, I'm still waiting
Anxious and anticipating
My patience is fading
And I don't want to resent you
Broke my heart,
You never meant to

But its happened
and again
And sometimes
I tell myself
Maybe its the end
But I breath and hope and pray for you
They always said patience is a virtue
That love is patient
Love is kind
But maybe when they said that
They never had in mind

That at one point
you have to draw the line
I've allowed our relationship
To exist on your time
I'm always hoping you will call
You don't  communicate
I can't understand why you'd
Ever have me sit and wait

And when you finally come around
You know I'm always down
And I'm ready for you
Even though in my waiting
I cry,
Swelled eyes,
I beat myself up,
Tell myself
Maybe I'm not enough,

And maybe I should get over you
You see me smiling and
I never let you know the truth
Of my pain on these days
You come back,
but then you go away
And I'm left just expecting
And I think all my expecting

Is useless
I don't ever want to want
You less
Throw the ball in your court
And I'm defenseless
In disappointment
I find my acceptance
That I love you
but I can't keep doing this

I would give you my all
if you asked me to
But I learned to not
expect the same of you
I've learned to be
Happy with this situation
You and me
Letting go of all expectations
And no matter hard it is for me
To say
I've taught myself
That this is the only way,
I have to let you go set you free
But also let you go so I can
Truly free me

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