Monday, April 9, 2012

Open Eyes (For Trayvon Martin)

Open Eyes (For Trayvon Martin)

“These Dreams” they say
“Will not”
“By YOU-
Be realized”
Their words, their looks,
Have taught me
The realest these dreams can be
will only come with closed eyes

See in sleep, in daze,
when I check out from reality
I move beyond what they say is all
I’ll ever amount to be
I’m everything I want to be, I’m free to be.
But with my eyes wide open all around,
Are young brothers and sisters like me
Without enough attention
Thrown in detentions, prescriptions, suspension,
Until the world only makes mention
Of brown skin behind bars
On corners of streets
Babies having babies and bloodshed at our feet
We were born into this hood,
Bred and beat in homes made no good,
Not fit
Not suited to live

Where struggle is written in the stars
and planets align
To sketch out what runs through
in the flow of our bloodline
We connect, from shackles, to cuffs
To writs that are cut
We bleed so we can live
and so others can live,
so the white man can live
On this land they’ve made their land,
not your land or my land
Although we work and labor it
and don't get enough pay to live for it

The books still say so
The dollars say so
They run us, they rule us …
so they say so
Because here a cover is judged
and privilege can’t look past what they see
We can’t even walk down the street
Without being suspect
And with a raise of a hand
their expectations are met
That we're violent,
we're drugged up,
its fucked up
And made even worse 'cause
we got a hoodie on?
Turn the corner with a blink and
brown brother, sister
is gone

Self defense, don’t make sense
See, he asked for it
And, she asked for it
And they asked for it
So it’s no question- Just,
Don’t question, Just,
Don’t mention, Just-ice
Serving us and our dreams

We’re still seeking plea bargains,
second chances,
serving hard time
Because the same people who
set the punishment
are making up the crimes
Even our black president’s outer tone has shown us
That there is still no real change..
Our dreams are only as light as our skin is these days
our dreams are still locked up in chains…

So just how can our youth ever rise
the moment they fly, they're shot down
and fall toward reality
And with open eyes
their dreams just die…

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