Wednesday, April 25, 2012



4 months in
And I already feel the change
The flow of life has rearranged
Feelin' strange
Trying to focus
There are things about myself
I've come to notice
That I don't feel satisfied
With all that has conspired
In the time that has flown by

That the goals I have set
Aren't even in my grasp yet
Now I'm working in the struggle
Many dreams I'm trying to juggle
And not just mine,but all the youth
Who I'm helping find their truth
And just trying to be there for the people that I love
Sometimes putting their dreams
up above

My own

Because they've grown me
And in their existence in my life
They have shown me
I'm not alone, but I still feel lonely
I've been concerned about other people making it
Giving advice, but never really taking it
Fall in a cycle, I don't know how to break it

The years I've been alive
And I know who I am
I know where I'm from
But I'm more concerned on who I might become
If I don't start taking the risks that I'm scared to
With degrees,
and experience,
This heart should be prepared to
But I'm not, I just keep it on the low
Diggin' myself deeper
With the what ifs, can'ts and no's

Don't get me wrong
Every day I give gratitude
And I'm really trying to change up my attitude
Look to the sun every day
Taking in her light
Goddess and warrior,
with so much fight
In me
My will to change the world
Still fuelin fire in me

Fist up in the air
Inhale, exhale
Breathing through
Beating through
All the pressures and despair
They are not all I'm made of
I've got so much to share
All my talents, all my passion, all the love in my heart
Today past this poem
Action needs to start
With me
I act like I was blind, but I known have always seen
What I've being growing into,
what I'm meant to be
Letting go of fears, setting my spirit free

Sister to the sun
There can only be one
Going to scream it at the top of my lungs
I am proud of who I am
I'm proud of where I'm from
And I know all the things I am destined to be come

I'm 25
The years I've been alive
And I'm not going to give up
Bet I'm going to live up
Every day I am blessed to be
This year I'm shifting my focus
And before all others I'm gonna do me

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