Friday, April 13, 2012

Once Upon a Time

* Once Upon a Time poem

Too many "Once Upon a Times"
Were told to me
To shape my make believing
To leave me feeling
In my playtime
I needed to pretend I awaited saviors
That someday my prince would come
That I needed to be ready
With glossed lips
For True love's kiss
To make me come to life
To make me a wife, complete me
That only with the valor and strength
Of man on stead
Coming to rescue me
Could I ever rise from
Servent to Queen
Without understanding Queen
Really means...
A different type of service
To a man
To a land
To I only can
Because he made me into who I am

Once upon a times, taught me
That I was meant to be
Captured, trapped, held in attic and tower
and locked away with no key
And womyn looked so weak
And their beauty is what men seek
The only way strength was shown
Was if it meant we were
Evil in our place of power
Witches, twisted, and terrible
And deviously unbearable
In a fight to be the fairest since
they longed to earn affections and approval of
A Father, King or Prince
Mirrors needed to reassure us
to bring us happiness

We learned to scream and
Plead for help
To faint in fear
And to run
Until someone would save us
And recognize us as "The One"
That man dreamt up in his dreaming
Of a perfect womyn to make his own
So our wishes needed to be
for True Love's coming and knowing
And freedom was not something
We could have for ourselves,
It needed to be given the key to our chains
The answer to our pains

In play and make believe
All of this becomes truth
And as we leave behind our youth
We bring these ideas to our realities
Only after we were grown
And feeling alone
Could we find that
Prince charming is nowhere to be found
And we needed to wake up from slumber
And the sleep we played in as a child
And stayed in our growings
To really open our our eyes and see
That we have the power to
Find happiness past
What pages have told us
We were meant to be
That we could re-write these
Fairy tales and un-happily ever after stories

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