Friday, April 6, 2012


*Animal Poem


Legendary in light
With golden and scarlet
Tails of fire
that follow her flight
Amongst Sun’s rays
She gathers Sun’s powers
To carry within her

She flies
with sparks
beneath her wings
Endless horizon in her eyes
Blazing trails
From Eastern to
Western skies

Teaching fearlessness
In her freedom
With no pack, no pride
To guide her
She is lone in her glory
Through life’s journey
Unto death
She arise once again

From her own fires
She burns away
Past self
And is reborn from ashes
Her physical self only a vessel
and in letting herself go
Her spirit maintains
Is illuminated by flames
Bringing her
Closer to God

She will only become
She grows her spirit toward Goddess form
And resides in an earthly vessel
That protects her celestial truth
Letting no living fear
Stop her from
Living the eternal living she is meant to

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