Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Days I Hold Most To

The Days I Hold Most To

I grasp onto days like this
Clench my fists on to her rays
Hold on tightly
And close my eyes to feel
Her warmth
Drip down over my shoulders
grazing my sternum
and melting right into my heart

These days were more constant
When I would steal away
To uncut blades of green green grass
Dew moistening my back and cooling my spine
A quick chill
As I lay to let her bake me in her light
Break me open to see my innocence-
a joyful, gooey inside of Semi-sweetness
And brown to perfection inside and out

I felt peace

The only unease was gentle itching of skin
Against mother earth tickling me with her green green greenery

Days like these I see colors vibrant
Pink on sneakers, dusted with sand and soil
That have moved with the laughter of many children
Leaving their imprints, but taking with them this sand and soil that has traveled through
Blue skies carrying petals and whispered wishes from dandelions
and through turquoise waves speckled rainbows that glide through the currents
She beams over all of this, giving to growing

She bursts over
Orange growth of tangerines on backyard trees
I climbed them to touch these her makings of miracles,
to hold them in my palms
And remove ripeness to satisfy tastes and rumbling tummies
There she sits with me still
Tapping me with her tips, peeking her way through shadowy leaves
And lifting me into smiles
As my face puckers from juices satisfyingly sour
And I spit out seeds below me
That I wonder will grow?

I feed the earth as it feeds me
And I look up and hope she gives life to them
Life like mine

Sister sun in all her givings of light and warmth and energy
I thank her for being constant
For never leaving for too long
For reminding me when she rises
She rises for
Every one
And her days are the ones I hold most to

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