Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fighting My Feelings

*Kitty's prompt was to write about what we are Prisoner to, looking to Alicia Key's P.O.W. (Prisoner of Words) Here is a start- I feel this might grow.

Fighting my Feelings

There’s just no fighting my feelings
They move in me
And through me
Consume me
With no tact in their tactics
Strategically taking me over
taking me whole
Keeping me down
They restrain me
They pain me
They surround me
Until there is no fight
to be found in me

Assuming positions in my temples
Taking turns at snapping synapse
Pounding my skull until it shatters
Beating my heart to palpalations
Barred by bones from breaking free
I cannot keep them from consuming
Knocking me weak at the knees
Making my spine shake down right to my hips
Until no nerve is left on my finger tips
Can’t feel the ground below my feet
They tighten up my vocal chords
Tie them down so I can’t speak

And all I can do
is breath
I heave
I tighten my fists 'til sweat drips
Down from my forehead
over my tightened lips
that hold back screams
while tightened eyes hold back tears
Because facing my feelings is
Really feeling these feelings
Is my greatest fear

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