Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I don't know where to begin
My thanks giving to you
To the man who taught me
What a man in his making should be
Before bell hooks and Audre
The biggest feminist I knew
Was you
You taught me how I should be treated
By the way you gave
Respect to my mother
And were true in the way you loved her
In our household the womyn outnumbered you
But you held your place
And held us tight
Right next to you

I remember seeing you
Cry for my mother
When she was in need
Tears of loving
The same tears you cried
That were also my sister's and mine
They flooded through you with pride
When we accomplished
All you told us we could
With hard work and determination
We learned from your example and teaching
Always reaching
For our dreams past any limitations

Even when I was a little girl
You used to lift me
On your shoulders so I could
Touch the sun
On top of the world
Never fearing falling
Because your hands held tightly
Kept me balanced and secure
Because of you, climbing heights
Became so natural

My laugh began in your belly
And creases that smiled
on the sides of your eyes
Eventually I would grow
With time they would show
A lifetime of happiness like you
Daddy's little girl to this day
You frighten all my fears away
By teaching me to believe
In my own power
In my smarts
In my honesty
And my goodness
That all come from you
So thank you
For making me
Your Pride and Joy
I feel humbled to have you
Hold me in your light in the way you do
I love you.

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