Monday, April 2, 2012

Womyn's Walkings

* Write a poem inspired by the song that was #1 on the day that you were born
"Walk like an Egyptian"- The Bangles

Womyn's Walkings

I settle my toes in the footsteps of matriarchs
And see where I myself with intention and humility
could grow greatness enough to fit in these molds
Taking a second to return on my own path
Beside these soles of divinity
My own imprints are planted and
from them I hope my young sisters in following
Will find their way
With willingness
to walk with us
Never forgetting to look back and understand
That this path of tremendous trackings
Paved the roads that lead to our tomorrows

I hope they always remember to be humbled
by what struggle has been endured
By An-sisters in past days
Who whether at the moment had only
their self- interests, rights and havings in mind,
Could not escape from
Their acts of courage readily equipping us with-
Hammering fists to break glass ceilings,
Shoulders transformed into
rungs of ladders and platforms and pedestals
Through their beings built up-we climb
and we rise and we rise.

And the fire they found in their bellies
where they made ashes of fears,
They placed into our eyes,
so we could see beyond what darkness lay ahead
They passed down softness of smiles
To kindle cryogenic hearts
that have ceased to beat to life's wonderment
that have been stoned and made steel and copper-
from wagings of war and wars for more wages
And they filled those same lips with words of precision
to break us free from patriarchal prisons
They filled our lungs past capacity
to breathe in patience and out compassion
And in our ears dangled whispered reminders that…

“We are womyn

We have faced burning on stakes,
stoning on streets,
banning from polls,
controlling our work life,
our wages,
our wombs

With imprisonment behind bars,
in dungeons
and basements
and brothels
and street walks
and our homes
and our bodies…
Objectification, sex-ploitation, exotification
We have been penetrated by
the staffs and swords and shafts of ruling men

But none of this has brought us to end
Our fight for equal standing
For what sisters and mothers and lovers and leaders
Our warriors, visionaries, teacher and healers
Have never stop demanding
For our share of life's livings

And these footsteps imprinted by dreams
Remind us to plant our feet as firmly
And continue giving
What has been given and entrusted in us

So young sisters-
regardless of where you will be headed
from this crossing of paths
I hope you never forget to look back at
this endless design of
attaining impossiblities and dreamings
And that you will add in your own time
A piece of your own power
To place in the hearts of the womyn
that will come to this same standing
Leaving her without question
that her footprints belong
Right beside these
Womyn's walkings

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