Monday, April 16, 2012




"I love you"
You say those words
For the first time
And after that moment
The words have their way of
Transforming into a phrase
Whose meaning when first spoken
Was filled with so much passion
And truth from your heart
But now I wonder,
I question
The loss of these word's meanings
If we say them
Just because we have forgotten how
To communicate our love for one
Another in other ways

How can we encompass
All the gratitude, joy, and respect
Between us
Into just one phrase
I feel myself stretching these words
To match my feelings
To find proper place in my mouth
Before releasing
And then find myself speaking it,
In repetition
In routine
Hoping each time I say them
They can fully mean, what they mean to
And make you feel like
The first time I told you

I wonder about the first time
I ever knew
"I love you"
Who the first person was
That made me connect those words
To feelings
How old was I
Where was the place and moment
What might have triggered me to
Say and feel "I love you"?

I wonder before I ever spoke those words
When was the first time
You knew I adored you,
That you inspired me,
Make me want to be better,
That you make my days brighter
And more joyful
That I am so grateful to have your
Support and guidance and care in life
That I don't see a future
Without you in it
I wonder if you knew this
Before I ever told you
If my breath
Or heart beat
Or the way I hold you
With arms, and eyes
Spoke to you before words could?

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